This qualification specification is designed to prepare you for a career as a professional chef.

This qualification has been developed for professionals in the hospitality and catering industry. This qualification provides for a direct pathway from entry as a kitchen assistant and professional cook to qualifying as a Chef.

This programme allows students to gain both the cooking skills and management principles required to operate a successful kitchen or catering establishment. Students who complete this programme will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, core abilities and the underlying theory that would be required of them in the culinary field.

The professional chef diploma includes training in leadership, management disciplines, and entrepreneurial skills for advancement in the hospitality industry. A large emphasis is placed on professionalism and team management in the workplace.

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Key facts

Qualification number: 603/6949/8
Learning aim reference: 60369498
Credit value: 72
Assessment method: Portfolio of Evidence and Multiple-choice Examination
Course Duration: 15 Months (includes 2 x 3 months internship)

Qualification regulation and support

The Highfield Level 3 Diploma for Professional Chefs (RQF) has been developed and is awarded by Highfield Qualifications and sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The RQF includes those qualifications regulated by Ofqual and CCEA Regulation. This qualification is also regulated by Qualifications Wales.

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Qualification overview and objective

The objective of this qualification is to support a role in the workplace. It is designed for learners employed in professional catering roles or for those wishing to develop their skills in the industry. This qualification covers a variety of topics including:

The principles of food safety and workplace health and safety.
Nutrition, special diets and allergen awareness.
Kitchen etiquette and professionalism.
Workplace standards and professional development • allergen awareness.
Kitchen management and operations.
Menu planning, budgeting and recipe costing.
Preparing, cooking and finishing food groups.
Enterpreneurial skills.
Financial literacy.
Peer management and teamwork.

Entry requirements

To register for this qualification, learners are required to be 16 years of age or above and have a basic level of literacy and numeracy.
Download a comprehensive brochure detailing all aspects of the course including course costing, payment options and additional information.